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Street art! -project

Street art!-exhibition is a unique "silent exhibition", which takes place on the shoulders of all the people carrying the unique bags made for the project. Street art!-bags serve as utility goods as well as the newest and most peculiar art exhibition of Art Work Room Pipardildas. The exhibition gradually expands itself all over Finland and across the borders. As matters stand, Street art!-bags can be found in; Sweden, Japan, Italy, Chyprus, Mexico, Norway, Canada,  Canaria Island,  Belgium, Germany and USA.

Street art!-exhibition is a "silent exhibition" also in the sense that it is not advertised nor has it been reported to the media. There has not been any varnishing either. Each person who buys a Street art!-bag gets to know about these web pages and it`s usually when he or she gets home that they realise the real characteristics and value of the bag.

Being the artist behind the bags I hope that all the people who possess a Street art!-bag would email to inform where about their bag is located.